Opportunity to Purchase HP Corporation Patents

by Jeremy Plimmer

Posted on Sunday, September 26, 2010


Hewlett Packard Corporation is hoping to find a buyer for patents and technology pertaining to Memory Spot technology. This is an excellent opportunity to obtain 25 US issued patents, 31 US published applications, 40 Non US issued patents and 14 Non US published applications. A breakdown of the Patent lot is as follows:

Memory Spot Patents and Technology:

Memory Spot is a tiny self-contained battery-free, wireless information storage system device, approximately the size of half a grain of rice, which can store megabits of data. The technology is comprised of a reader/writer and tiny data storage “tags”, and offers benefits over current technology, providing a data transfer rate of 10 Mbps and storage capacity up to 16MB. It is also not dependent upon network availability, allowing it to be used in any location. With near field communication range and an SHA-1 hashing algorithm, the technology offers the additional advantage of secure data storage and transmission.

This technology was featured in the recently published market study “RFID and NFC meet Brand Protection published buy Vandagraf International in association with Product & Image Security Foundation.

With 65 issued patents and 45 published patent applications, Memory Spot is supported by a robust patent portfolio encompassing broad areas of advance near field communications (NFC) and RFID applications, including pharmaceutical packaging, media content, asset annotation and digital rewards.

Some exemplary patents are:

US7656295, US6942158, US7290715, US7079008, US7362625 US20070043633, US20070101093, US20060031119, US20060133160, US20070090186, US20080183999, US20060282904, US20060095342

The Technology:

Over 5 years of research and development have gone into Memory Spot.

Multiple generations of prototype reader/writer and tags have been developed and a robust documentation package has been created that provides a significant time-to-market advantage for future productisation.

The Market:

Memory Spot is applicable to a myriad of markets with numerous applications in each:

Enterprise: Compelling applications for asset tracking, packages, documents and manifests, lab specimens, pharmaceutical products, maintenance records, healthcare, telecom and logistics.

Consumer: Significant use cases for mass consumer handset and portable electronics market including music, movies, games and other digital consumer content.

Marketing/Promotional: Inexpensive channel for rich media such as catalogues, promotional products, consumer marketing and mobile marketing.

The Opportunity: the successful buyer of these patents and technology will garner the following benefits:

o Provide a greater barrier to entry into your business sector

o Generate incremental revenue and profits through licensing 3rd parties participating in this market

o Enhancing their current patent portfolio for cross-licensing purposes

o Kick-start product development in this market with knowledge that you have patent protection.

Non-binding offers from interested parties to acquire these patents and/or technology are expected on or before Oct 1, 2010.

For additional information regarding this opportunity, including additional Patent Numbers and to receive the memorandum which describes the patents, please contact Bob Graham at 705.932.2300 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              705.932.2300      end_of_the_skype_highlighting or rgraham@wavepointinc.com.

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