Patents go ‘under the hammer’

by Jeremy Plimmer

Photopolymer Hologram Patent

Posted on Wednesday, January 12, 2011


The continued interest in high security photopolymer holograms for identity and brand protection use led VerTec, a Suffolk UK based development company to research and develop a range of innovative and unique methods of producing true colour origination and reproduction processes in this field.

Unfortunately the Company ran out of seed capital in 2008 and their assets were disposed of by the administrator.

This portfolio of assets consisted of thirteen patent applications in photopolymer holograms that was later acquired by TSSI. It seems that their current owner is either unable or no longer interested in taking them further forward and is offering the patents up to a bidding process.

TSSI has sub-divided the patents into 3 categories namely:

1. Image Enhancement (full colour)

2. Individualisation (biometric and item level)

3. Device (inspection and machine verification)

The patents are in various stages of grant and one (the Biometrigram patent) has just received notice from the US patent office stating that a divisional application can now be made. This means that the new owner of this patent can spin off a new "divisional" application from this providing an opportunity to add a new patent from the original application, more specific to their intended use.

TSSI have received varied interest from the market on licensing opportunities for individual patents and the category groups. Because the divisional opportunity has a time limitation, TSSI has decided to offer the individual portfolio categories for direct sale using a ‘best and final offer’ process.

The details of each of the patents and the respective sub-divisions have been posted onto the file sharing service ‘Dropbox’. To access this information it is necessary to install the free ‘Dropbox’ software from . These files will be dynamic and edited as and when the patent status changes. TSSI Systems Ltd will make best efforts to make this information accurate but accept no liability.

The schedule for the sale will be as follows:

23st Dec 2010 Patent portfolio and guidance notes submitted onto ‘Dropbox’. Interested parties should contact who will give them access rights to the Dropbox folder, and who will deal with any technical questions about the information supplied.

14th Jan 2011 Expression of interest closes – Any questions should be submitted to TSSI. All answers will be made available to all registered recipients, without revealing who asked the question. Any non-published information will be provided on a Commercial-in-Confidence basis.

11th Feb 2011 Final offers for patent portfolio categories should be submitted.

18th Feb 2011 TSSI advise winning bidders.

This patent portfolio has been developed over the last 7 years and represents cutting edge developments in photopolymeric holograms that will influence the future of full colour and machine-readable optical security into the future.

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