Plain Packing Plan for Cigarettes abandoned by UK

by JJP

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Posted on Thursday, May 2, 2013


The British Government is to abandon its plans to force the implementation of plain packaging for cigarettes in a move that will please the packaging and tobacco industries. (BBC Radio Four News 7:00am May 2nd 2013)

The plans have been dropped so that the Government can focus on more important key policies ahead of next week’s Queens Speech.

It has also been noted that UK smokers, fed up with rising prices and tax increases are turning to smuggled and counterfeit tobacco in an effort to save money.

Printed (Branded) packaging is thought to be one of the few devices available for securely recognising counterfeit branded packs. Plain Packaging would have made this task much more difficult.

That said though, about one in six (16%) of cigarettes currently smoked in the UK is surreptitious, being counterfeit or obtained through non-taxable channels.

According the HMRC the exchequer loses about £1.2 billion of revenue to illegal supplies and this figure does not take into account the losses suffered by legal resellers such as supermarkets and tobacconists. Nor does it take into account the extra damage done to health through smoking counterfeit cigarettes that may contain toxic substance that are used to ‘flesh out’ the product.

For more data on this subject including statistics on counterfeit tobacco and its effects in the UK see the forthcoming issue of Product & Image Security Newsletter.


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