True Colours

by Jeremy Plimmer

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Posted on Thursday, April 12, 2012


 New code concept combines randomisation with secure authentication

 Colour has always played an important part in authentication systems. The human eye is a useful tool when it comes to checking currency and secure documents for possible indications of fraud. Brand owners too use specific colours to effectively communicate their presence, and their provenance, to the world at large.

However colour can often be a subjective communications medium since the human eye may be fooled on occasion if the lighting is poor, or your eyesight is fading.

Removing this shortcoming, and relying on objective tools embedded in everyday possessions such as your cell phone for unambiguous verification, is the aim of developers looking for new solutions in the field of colour authentication systems.

In anti-counterfeiting applications randomisation is a powerful tool. Even more powerful than encryption, since the latter depends on keys that may be secret - but still exist.

Creating artificially random images and combining these with a database and a ‘pointer’ in the form of a barcode offers potential as a highly secure authentication system when these elements are combined with a smartphone camera and a WiFi or 3D data link.

A French start-up that combines randomly created colour and lenticular printing with 2D bar codes to create a signature that can be added to a card, label or high security document and make it un-forgeable………….

To discover the identity of this start up and why they wish to appoint franchisees read the May/June issue of Product & Image Security Newsletter.



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Jeremy Plimmer has 35 years of experience in the security related print and packaging industry working originally as sales development director for manufacturers of passports, high security print and labels and more recently as a consultant. He is a graduate member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, a Fellow of the Institute of Minerals, Materials and Mining, chairman of the West Midlands Packaging Society as well as vice chairman of the East Midlands Packaging Society.

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